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Hund och kvinna trivs på massivt trägolv med fiskbensmönster
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Sweden’s widest and longest plank floor

You step through the door and it is difficult not to notice the massive, wide and long floorboards that extend to the other end of the room. They are genuine, elegant and beautiful to look at. These solid wooden floors carry a history that stretches back several hundred years.

Durable & timeless wooden floors

Unlike industrial wood products with plastic varnishes that make the floor more sensitive to wear and tear, our plank floors age with dignity and become increasingly beautiful over the years. The solid wooden floors are timeless, vibrant and all floors are unique.

Depending on the type of wood and surface treatment you choose, your floor will emit different expressions and character. We primarily offer wooden floors of five types of wood – oak, Douglas, pine, spruce, ash and elm – but we will try and satisfy our customers’ wishes even if they extend beyond these options.

Compliment your plank floor with fine carpentry

Do you desire specially ordered moldings, sills or worktops in connection with your plank floor? Kullaberg Flooring offers customers complementary fine carpentry when ordering our floors.

We work with skilled carpenters who have done most of the work for our floor customers over the years. There are many who see an advantage in replacing, for example, kitchen worktops in the same shade as the wooden floor, which we want to be able to offer our customers.

Sustainable raw material supply

Kullaberg Flooring’s solid wooden floors come from carefully selected slow-growing forests in Sweden. All forests are environmentally certified, which means sustainable forestry where there is no supply from clear-cutting or the cutting down of so-called eternity trees.

In Sweden, more trees are planted than are cut down, and that includes oak. At Kullaberg Flooring we are very fond of our oak trees and how we can increase the proportion of deciduous forest in Sweden. An organisation that works towards this goal is Ekfrämjandet, and Kullaberg Flooring are very proud to be a member.

Through a local supply of raw materials, especially from southern Sweden, with shorter transportations, we have a smaller impact on the environment. A local supply without intermediaries also gives us much greater control throughout the entire value chain, which means that we can offer our customers plank floors with high quality at a good price. Through close collaborations with the forest owners, we are able to share where exactly your wooden floor comes from and its history.

Plank floor from your own forest

Maybe you have forests of your own that are ready to make room for the next generation of trees? We can then take care of your old trees and refine them into your own unique plank floor.

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