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Miljöbild av massivt trägolv i ett sovrum
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Floor guide

If you wish to purchase a solid wooden floor from us at Kullaberg Flooring you find further information here. In addition to information regarding the structure of your plank floor you also find information about installation, floor heating, as well as care maintenance.

For additional information and consultation, please contact us at Kullaberg Flooring.

The structure of our wooden floors

Wood is a living material which means that it moves in accordance to the humidity of the surrounding air. When the humidity is high the wood will swell up and when it’s low it will shrink. This can make the floorboards bowl shaped with larger spaces between the boards or cause them to rise in the middle. In order to avoid these problems care needs to be taken when choosing the type of wooden floor, how it is installed as well as the conditions for installation. These problems magnify the longer and wider the plank floors are as well as if they are installed onto concrete and/or floor heating.

Three layered cross glued plank floors

For increased shape stability and a maintained feeling.

Quality and satisfied customers are top priorities for us at Kullaberg Flooring. We have therefore developed an extra wide and long massive wooden floor for customers who do not have the optimal surface for this, as this is a large portion of our customers. These plank floors consist of three layers of wood that are cross glued in order to prevent the movement of the wooden floor down to one tenth that of a classic massive wooden floor. The cross glued plank floor offer the same expression as the traditional massive wooden floor but with a significantly more stable shape. This yields a greater security for our customers who want to lay a massive wooden floor with the character it offers without issues with quality in the future. We are, as far as we know, the only company on the market who offer floors of this length and width with this shape stability.

Massivt trägolv som är treskiktslimmat
Golvläggning av massivt trägolv eller plankgolv

Floor Laying Instructions

A plank floor from Kullaberg Flooring is not complicated to install. It is installed in the same way as most other solid wooden floors from other manufacturers. Sanding and surface treatment is not required after laying as this has already been done during manufacturing, unless the customer requests otherwise. One final polishing might however be needed on the installed plank floor, depending on which surface treatment that has been chosen.

For larger, more complicated objects, we can provide the service of installing and surface treatment. We can also guide local craftsmen for you.

For more information regarding laying instructions, please contact us at Kullaberg Flooring.

Floor Heating

It is possible to install our solid wooden floors on top of floor heating, though there are some things to keep in mind as wooden floors move in accordance with changes in temperature. Below you find tips regarding wooden floors and floor heating.

  • Make sure that the concrete underneath is measured at 80% RF in the middle of the concrete.
  • A wooden floor is most suitable in an environment where the air humidity is around 30 – 60%.
  • Floor heating dries out the wood more, which in turn makes the floor shrink more. In order to reduce this shrinking we recommend our three layered cross glued wooden floor.
  • Protect the wooden floor from the moisture from the foundation with a moisture barrier.
  • For newly built houses it is wise to install temporary heaters in order to drive out the moisture from the concrete foundation faster. Otherwise it might take upwards of one year for the concrete to reach the appropriate moisture level and thus risks delaying the process of installing your floor.
  • Be mindful to follow all the accompanying instructions when starting your floor heating system.

For more thorough information, visit the floor industries website,, or contact us at Kullaberg Flooring.

Hund som ligger på massivt trägolv med golvvärme

Care and Maintanance

Ages with patina.

Taking good care of your plank floor is essential in order to keep your wooden floor beautiful for as long as possible. The choice of surface treatment will determine how much and what kind of maintenance will be required of you as a customer. At Kullaberg we recommend hard wax oil as the surface treatment to our customers as it protects the floor well, is relatively easy to maintain, while at the same time retaining the natural character of the wood.

For more consultation, please contact Kullaberg Flooring or find more information regarding how to maintain your solid wooden floor in the best way at

Massivt trägolv och plankgolv

Cleaning and maintaining your oiled wooden floor

A solid wooden floor is most suitable for dry cleaning methods in the form of sweeping or vacuuming. When needed it can be mopped with a thoroughly wrung out cloth or mop. Be careful to not use too much water as well as your choice of cleaning agents. Ordinary green and yellow soap has a lower pH-value that does not remoisturize the wood. An oiled wooden floor is best taken care of using a re-greasing soap with a pH-value of about 8-9, preferably with a grease level of 20-30%. The floor will then be both clean and remoisturized.

For plank floors treated with hard wax oil we recommend maintenance oil after about five years for the surfaces that are the most exposed, such as walkways in the kitchen.