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Massivt trägolv i ek som sträcker sig genom flera rum
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Oak plank floor

If you choose oak for your plank floor, you get a durable and timeless floor. Oak is the most common floor in Scandinavian homes today. Depending on what part of the log the floorboard is made from, the patterns can be either very discreet or more expressive.

Massive oak floor

Classic plank floor

The classic solid plank. A solid wooden plank in oak with tongue and groove.

  • Sanding: Yes, several times
  • Thickness: 14 mm, 20 mm och 23 mm
  • Width: 125–500 mm
  • Length: Upp till 12 m 
  • Price: See table below

Three-layer cross-glued plank floor

Increased dimensional stability but with a maintained feeling. A solid wooden plank consisting of three cross-glued planks in solid wood, top layer in oak, with tongue and groove.

  • Sanding: Yes, several times
  • Thickness: 23 mm 
  • Width: 200–500 mm
  • Length: Up to 12 m
  • Price: See table below

Case oak floor

Three layer cross glued plank floor oak
Thickness 23 mm, varying widths 200-400 mm, full lengths up to 5,5 m. Surface treatment hard wax oil raw.

Three layer cross glued plank floor oak
Thickness 20 mm, varying widths 200-400 mm, full lengths up to 12 m. Surface treatment hard wax oil raw.

Fully massive plank floor oak
Thickness 20 mm, widths 153 and 195 mm, descending lengths 1-3 m. Surface treatment stain and hard wax oil medium walnut.

Price list – solid oak plank floors

Our solid oak wooden floors are sold both in full length and in descending lengths. Descending lengths means that they are delivered in different lengths within the dimensions above. The different lengths make the floor look more vibrant. We can also deliver varying widths of the plank or a fixed width, within the range below. We do not always have all dimensions in stock, so please check with us what we can currently offer. If you want a specific width or length, the lead time may be a little longer. This therefore means that the lead time can vary from anything between a few weeks up to several months.

Our wooden floors are already sanded, which otherwise often happens after installation, so what is added to the prices below is surface treatment, shipping and installation. We also offer surface treated floors if desired. Minimum order volume is 40 m2. The prices are inclusive of VAT.

For more specific prices depending on the choice of full length or decreasing lengths, please contact us.

Thickness Width Length Price per m2 Floor type
20 mm 120 mm 0,7 – 3 m 1550 SEK Classic plank floor
153 mm 0,7 – 3 m 1550 SEK
195 mm 0,7 – 3 m 1670 SEK
20 mm 200 – 500 mm 2,5 – 12m 2030 – 9000 SEK
23 mm 200 – 500 mm 2,5 – 12m 2630 – 8500 SEK Three-layer cross-glued plank floor

If you have any questions about our prices, please contact us.

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Trägolv ytbehandlas med olja

Choice of surface treatment

Both a lighter Scandinavian surface treatment as well as darker warmer tones are suitable for an oak floor. We recommend hard wax oil in different colours and shades for your oak floor, which provides a durable surface while retaining the natural character of the wood.

Finsnickeri av massivt trägolv

Complementary fine carpentry

Do you desire specially ordered moldings, sills or worktops in connection with your plank floor? Kullaberg Flooring offers customers complementary fine carpentry when ordering our floors.

Plankgolv från en egen skog

Plank floor of your own forest

Maybe you have forests of your own that are ready to make room for the next generation of trees? We can then take care of your old trees and refine them into your own unique plank floor..

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